Cat Folk Tribes


Most Cat Folk are born “Domestic” and some eventually decide to strike it out on their own, adopting the title of “Feral.” However there have been more and more communities of Feral Cat Folk. Many more have been born as the bastard offspring of Feral Cat Folk with a number of other races. Because their personalities tend to differ I will outline both variations, starting with the Domestic Cat Folk. Also note, Domestic Cat Folk never refer to themselves as Domestic Cat Folk, they are simply Cat Folk or Felis Sapiens. Feral Cat Folk are the odd ones and need qualifiers, they do not.

Cat Folk are highly emotional, they have reputations for throwing temper tantrums and pouting when they do not get their way. When they are happy they are extremely jovial and generous, when they are sad they will sulk for hours or even days without speaking to anyone, when they are angry they act out viciously (usually this comes down to shouting matches and fits, but sometimes it does come to physical violence. These duels will usually end without casualties or even lasting wounds. Usually it just comes down to scratching with their claws. However anything can happen.) No matter what their mood, Cat Folk like to be in the spotlight.

Feral Cat Folk are a bit different. As mentioned earlier most Feral Cat Folk start out as Domestic Cat Folk, but they usually hold onto a kittenish curiosity that elder Domestic Cat Folk tend to put down. Feral Cat Folk often decide to see the world first hand, seeking knowledge in the real world. Although it takes them some time most will eventually completely rid themselves of their much beloved comfort to make travel easier. They will not accumulate wealth the way they would had they remained in society but rather go from job-to-job, place-to-place without permanent employment. Because they do not hold the power and wealth they would in regular society Feral Cats are typically friendlier and more compromising than Domestic Cat folk. However, their emotional streak is just as wide and fickle as the other is. They are more adventurous and playful then their homebody brethren. They take risks and despite their intelligence Feral Cat Folk will frequently act without thinking. Feral Cat Folk tend to travel on their own or on-and-off with groups. There are a few traveling caravans of solely Feral Cat Folk and there is a fairly new phenomenon of second and third generation Feral Cat Folk being born having never seen the society their parents/grandparents grew up in. One way or the other, they normally always try and return to their tribe, to share their new knowledge they have gathered over their adventures.

Often elders of the tribes consider this the right to passage called “Walk About”.

Physical Description:

Cat Folk’s natural form is an attractive tall and elegant form. Men normally stand around six foot at adult hood, women standing closer to five foot seven and weighing anywhere between one hundred ten pounds to one hundred thirty pounds. Face and and body are humanlike except for several distinctly feline features: a short muzzle, whiskers, vertical pupils. a long graceful tail, and being covered in soft fur; coming in many different shades and colors.


Cat Folk tend to stay to their tribes, but the Feral Cats that go out into the world learn to tolerate the other races of the wasteland to benefit their desires. Each Cat Folk’s opinion differ, and it’s rare to come across two with the exact same opinion.

Known Cat Folk:

Cat Folk Tribes

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